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Oklahoma AAU Wrestling is a wrestling organization which prides itself on the 2 AAU Wrestling mottos, "Wrestling for all, forever" and "Where the Path Begins". This program is designed to provide opportunities for each and every wrestler who wishes to compete at the national level (not simply a chosen few), and to aid in raising money so that wrestlers may attend national events at reduced or no cost. We are in no way (other than on the mat) in competition with USAW, OKWA, YMCA Wrestling, or any other wrestling organization, but exist to further compliment these organizations by helping wrestlers to further their skills and knowledge through training and experience in all 3 disciplines of wrestling.

We exist for the purpose of supplementing the training an athlete has received from their local coach, including wrestling rules and moves, and the use of wrestling rules and moves in a way that reflect a standard of fairness to all competitors; and that are designed to encourage participation within the letter and spirit of the rules.

We expect athletes and coaches alike to maintain a strong focus on discipline and safety, and to act in a becoming manner at all times, whether in the athletic arena, the school arena, or in every day life; and will strive to instill the qualities and traits that will reflect the utmost character in each individual who is involved.

Oklahoma AAU Wrestling Staff

OK-AAUW Director: Cole B. Orndorff

OK-AAUW Assistant Director: Sie Palmer

OK-AAUW Coaches: Brian Orndorff, Sie Palmer, John Kane, Cole Orndorff, Patrick Kirk

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704 E. Hill drive
Guthrie, OK 73044

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